Frequently Asked Questions

In Western Washington State

We are not accepting applications for enrollment yet. You can register your interest in applying for the program here and when we have a more concrete date for open enrollment, you will be among the first to know. 

We are just beginning the complicated process of accreditation. Accreditation will serve many purposes, one of which is the ability for our students to receive student loans. We will be opening enrollment as soon as our path to accreditation is secured.

It is our intention to deliver this program at a lesser cost compared to other chiropractic programs.

It is our goal to make student loans available to all WCC prospective students.

Not yet. We do not have any staff or admissions counselors to assist you at this time. Please click here to sign up for updates so you will be first to know when we open enrollment or share general updates.

A complete list can be found here. We will be following the CCE pre-requisite requirements just like all other chiropractic colleges. These courses can be completed at most colleges and many colleges have a Pre-Chiropractic degree path so be sure to ask your advisor.

We will be recruiting staff and faculty in due course that align with our vision and mission. Register your interest here

Information about becoming a donor of the college can be found here. You can also email us at [email protected]

Washington Chiropractic College follows traditional vitalistic chiropractic principles with a focus on the spine’s relationship to the nervous system and overall health and performance. The boutique nature of the college will allow for a more personalized educational environment, resulting in our students’ ability to communicate these principles to their community and deliver chiropractic care at the highest level possible. 

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